Press Release: GYANT Closes $13.6 Million Series A Funding Round Led by Wing Venture Capital – GYANT

“Healthcare is primed to benefit from cutting-edge digital health technology. GYANT rises to the challenge, delivering a platform that bends cost curves for health systems while improving provider and patient experiences,” said Gaurav Garg, founding partner, Wing VC. “The phenomenal utilization and impact GYANT had in automating healthcare interactions during the pandemic speaks to the effectiveness of its platform and the multi-disciplinary team’s strength.”

“Intermountain Healthcare partnered with[5] GYANT for screening and care navigation in the height of COVID-19 – and the results speak for themselves,” said Mike Phillips, MD, managing director and partner, Intermountain Ventures. “Using GYANT led to a 30 percent decrease in call center volume, alleviating hospital capacity constraints and improving patient engagement. Our first-hand experience with GYANT and the value its market leading care navigation solution delivers drove our decision to invest.”

For more information on GYANT’s innovative technology and healthcare solutions, visit[6].

About GYANT 

GYANT, the care navigation company, has built the leading virtual front door to help health systems improve care utilization, cut cost through automation and improve patient experience. GYANT’s Front Door appears on a hospital system’s website or mobile app to chat with patients and guide them to the care and digital health tools they need, 24-7. GYANT is customizable to any organization’s branding, EHR, digital tools and clinical endpoints. GYANT ties together all of the digital tools a health system needs in a single interface, creating a seamless patient experience — increasing engagement, trust and loyalty at each stage of the healthcare journey. GYANT’s unique combination of deep intelligence, physician oversight and a human-driven, empathetic approach allows health systems to solve for traditional complex care issues, ensuring that patients receive the right care, anytime and anywhere.

About Wing Venture Capital

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