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Citation requirements

Quotes, excerpts, references and graphics must be properly attributed to 1) the research or article published on PitchBook.com, 2) a PitchBook press release or 3) a PitchBook presentation. (Remember the capital “B”!). All content types must be less than 12 months old, or labeled with report publish date if older than 12 months.

Attribution Formats

For custom PitchBook data pulls:“[attribution statement: “According to…” “provided by…”] PitchBook, private capital market data provider”

For PitchBook Research and News and Analysis articles:“PitchBook [Title of research report or article]”

For PitchBook Event Presentations:“PitchBook [Name of event] Presentation, [Title of presentation], [presenter name(s)], [Event date(s)].”

For PitchBook Press Releases:PitchBook Press Release, “[Title of PitchBook press release]”, [Date issued]. [URL to press release on PitchBook.com]

All excerpts must be lifted verbatim, in their entirety, and appear accurately with all relevant context. Paraphrasing is not allowed.

To include a graphic or table from a published research report or article, it must be shown in its entirety without any changes to the graphic.

PitchBook research and brand may not be used to endorse a firm, vendor, product or service, or to criticize a party’s competitor.

The PitchBook logo is a trademark and service mark of PitchBook Data Inc. and/or its affiliates and may only be used after securing permission.

Licensed Users of PitchBook are entitled to use research reports in accordance with their scope of service (that is, documents are for their personal use within their jobs). PitchBook published research reports may not be shared outside of clients’ firm or enterprises, or via email or internet posting.


Logo usage guidelines:
Please do not alter the logo in any way. There should be clearspace equal to the width of the graphic mark between the logo and any surrounding text, images or other elements.

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