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Make it measurable 

While the overall purpose of the announcement is simply to share the news, you likely have a few other goals you want the press release to achieve, like brand awareness, website traffic, and of course, media coverage. In order to determine if the press release is effective at achieving these goals, it needs to be measurable. 

For instance, you can (and should) add a link to your website’s home page and even, where appropriate, a landing page that speaks to some specific aspect of your offering. This step will ensure the impact of inbound clicks and allows you to track the results. For more insight, check out our previous post: How to measure PR using Google Analytics.[3]

Supporting collateral 

As a finishing touch, don’t forget to include supporting collateral like images. Visuals are key to rounding out the announcement and making it stand out. 

Gather key visual collateral—images of the founders, the product, or anything else that’s relevant to the news—and make sure it’s accessible in either a secure, dedicated folder in the cloud or in a press room on your startup’s website. You can point reporters to the folder or let them know that you can provide more on request. Either way, visuals should not be overlooked when writing a press release about your startup funding announcement. 

Don’t forget contact information 

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to add the contact information of who the media should contact in the event they want to cover your startup’s big news. Provide the name, email and phone number of either a key member of your team or a representative of the PR firm you hired to help with the announcement. The key is to make it as easy as possible for a busy journalist with hundreds of other news pitches to wade through daily to find and reach out for more information.


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